PenDrive Virus Remover

PenDrive Virus Remover 1.0

Cleans commons pen drive virus infections
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Removes a number of virus infections like, ravmon.exe, folder.exe or bha.vbs that are commonly found on pen drives.

Pendrives, memory sticks, and USB devices are a very popular form of storage. Since they are designed to be used in various devices, they are especially vulnerable to virus infections. This free program claims to clean your storage devices from the most common forms of viruses. You only need to insert your device, click on the Clean Virus button, wait a few seconds, and remove the device. Then, you need to insert it again to check that the viruses have been removed. This sound too good to be true, since viruses are changing and evolving every time, and this program does not seem to have a daily updating mechanism as other antivirus programs. Also, if we take into account that the most recent update was made in 2011, then we may suspect that the program is obsolete.

The program's interface is kind of goofy, showing cartoon monsters as viruses crossed by a cancellation mark. On the other hand, the program is very easy to use, since you don't need to write complex commands or perform difficult configurations.

So, if you suspect that one of your portable storage devices has been infected by a virus, you may want to try another software or use this one together with an antivirus program just to be sure. I don't recommend you to use this program alone to clean infected devices.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program is free, fast and light


  • The program's last update was made in 2014, and thus. it may not detect more recent viruses
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